Don’t Despair Over Amazon Suspension: How To File An Effective Appeal

Amazon has become a well-known product-selling platform. People from all over the world love to use Amazon to establish a business in the market. If a person violates the Amazon policy, then there is a high chance that the Amazon seller account might get suspended. Now, to find a way to get rid of the amazon account suspension, the seller has to try many things, but among them, the most crucial step is to file for an amazon suspension appeal.

What Happens When A Seller Account Gets Suspended?

When an Amazon seller’s account gets suspended, the seller’s business services at the Amazon platform get stopped. The selling privileges the person used to get are not accessible to them anymore. No one can see the Amazon product list or reviews.

The Amazon account suspension mainly happens when sellers go against Amazon’s policies and terms of conditions. Due to this, amazon can’t allow the person to use and earn from the platform.

What Should You Do After An Amazon Account Gets Suspended?

When your Amazon seller account gets suspended, you should first file an amazon suspension appeal. You must maintain communication with Amazon, as it’s a crucial step.

After the suspension because of your or Amazon’s fault, if you don’t contact Amazon within the first 90 days, then your seller account will get deactivated.

Steps To File An Appeal For The Amazon Seller Account

When an Amazon account gets suspended, it affects the whole business of that person. Now, to get back your account, you must contact Amazon and send them an appeal now to do that:

· Step-1

When you find out that your account is suspended, you should first calm down and then try to figure out why your account was suspended.

· Step-2

Don’t hastily file for an appeal; email Amazon first and understand the issue, as it can be a systematic dysfunction.

· Step-3

When you understand the causes behind the suspension, then take your time to make a draft copy of the plan or action. You’ll apologize for your mistakes and explain how you’ll try to improve your business and assure them that you’ll never violate their policies again.

· Step-4

When you are ready to write the original appeal, then at the outline, give all the necessary information Amazon needs to lift the suspension on your account. Keep it brief but informative.

Discuss the issue where you’ll discuss the detailed reason why the issue had occurred. And take full responsibility and acknowledge the reason behind the suspension.

Describe the action plan, where you’ll mention all the changes, tools, and processes you’ll do to ensure the issue never happens again.

At the closing statement, place an explicit request to lift the suspension and restore your seller privileges.

· Step-5

At the Amazon seller page, find the ‘appeal decision’ button; provide the necessary personal information and details of your plan of action. Then, submit the appeal to seller performance.


Ultimately, you must know that every time an Amazon seller account gets suspended because of the seller’s fault, Amazon also makes mistakes. So, instead of getting nervous or tense, you must stay calm and apply for the amazon suspension appeal.

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